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Two stories, one on each side of Jesus’ death, have surprise endings due to Jesus’ resurrection. A thief who was crucified next to Jesus was the focus of the first story. A group of women who were in Jesus’ inner circle are at the heart of the second. We’ll look at both stories and what they teach about the significance of Jesus’ resurrection for people like us.



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Getting a good start on a new year may mean you have to leave some things behind. That’s the focus of our January Sunday Gatherings @ LiFE. Throughout the month we’ll be looking at Dealing with Disappointment, Facing Failure, Finding a Way to Forgive and Embracing Change. If that sounds like something that might help you, join us @ 10 am every Sunday in the Church Hall. LiFE is a safe place to be yourself. We have a simple and informal approach to doing church that values significant faith and supportive relationships over style or tradition.



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Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Every Sunday from now through November we’ll be setting the mood when we gather together.

Our teaching focus will be a letter from the Apostle Paul to some close friends in the city of Philippi. This letter is full of expressions of appreciation to the Philippians for all they had done for Paul and full of thanks to God for his good work in all their lives.

If you could use a shot of joy or more gratitude in your attitude, stop by 1033 Elm in Grafton on Sunday @ 10 am & join us.



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Sacred Pathways: Discovering your soul’s pathway to God, will be the focus of our Sunday Gatherings during the month of March. Different people are wired differently. We have different personalities, different ways of thinking and learning, so it shouldn’t surprise us that there is not one way of connecting with or worshipping God that fits us all. Join us as we unpack the nine different spiritual temperaments and discover which ones fit us best!



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Join us from 6-7 pm on Christmas Eve in the hall @ 1033 Elm Street in Grafton. The theme of the night is “God’s Little Surprise.” We’ll snack before and after, sing carols and share in the wonder of Jesus’ birth.



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This month @ LiFE our Sunday gatherings will look at the life of the fool as described in Proverbs 26. The Bible’s book of wisdom, the Proverbs, helps us understand life and how to live it. Who wants to live like a fool? Who wants to know how to deal with the foolish people in their lives? Want some insight? Come to LiFE! Sunday mornings @ 10.



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This Sunday (July 6) will be the first Sunday gathering of LiFE Church in our new home @ 1033 Elm Street in Grafton. We are renting the fellowship hall of the former Assumption Catholic Church while we work out the details of purchasing the whole campus of buildings. It’s a big step, both exciting & scary…the way every big decision or significant step should be!

This Sunday we’ll also be launching a new focus for our Sunday gatherings. It’s called “FOLLOW the LEADER.” This week’s talk is entitled, “Grab Your Towel.” Could this be something related to Pastor Jeff’s return from a week @ the Jersey Shore? Not quite! Follow the Leader will challenge all of us to follow the ways and words of Jesus as we lay out plans to become the kind of church God wants us to be…IN Grafton and FOR Grafton.



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Conversations Jesus had with specific people will be our focus @ LiFE this month. Jesus liked people and interacted with them all the time. As we open up some of Jesus’ conversations found in the the Gospel of John, we’ll be looking at WHO Jesus talked with, HOW he approached them and WHAT he was trying to communicate. From highly religious people to highly confused people, Jesus had good things to say to everyone he met. He can teach us some things about communicating and especially talking to others about life & God.



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February is love month @ LiFE. In our Sunday gatherings we’ll be talking about resolving conflict in healthy, helpful and godly ways. It’s good practical and important stuff…see ya Sunday morning @ 10.



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This Advent season @ LiFE our focus is on the wise men. They are a well known part of the Christmas story, but there’s a lot of misinformation out there about them. We’ll take a good, close look at what the Gospel of Matthew actually tells us and what their part in Jesus’ birth was all about.



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